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I think you missed a significant potential connection:
"Issue 12: Bikeway Recommendation between Capital Crescent Trail and the C&O Canal Towpath
MCDOT recommends connecting the Capital Crescent Trail and the C&O Canal Towpath near the border with the District of Columbia by providing a short trail between the Capital Crescent Trail and the Broad Street in the Brookmont community (Comment #204). Bicyclists would then use an existing connection between Broad Street and the C&O Canal Towpath. Relevant pages of the plan are the Bethesda – Chevy Chase (West) map on page 242."

From the map, that would mean a bridge from the CCT to the Brookmont neighborhood which would be amazing.
And then, if they do that, why not go north using the old Trolley path to Glen Echo Park?
Once you build that bridge, anything's possible.

Brett, I mentioned that in last week's lengthy post on the MoCo Bike plan.


There's even a map of it.

In the rural area I grew up in the power lines were conduits for all sorts of 4 wheeler/dirt bike trails.

But the objections by the utility company seem like they can be dealt with. Just treat the trail like any other road and if it needs to be shut down to do some sort of maintenance to the power lines then set up cones/signs and move on. I guess its extra work but not something unknowable.

Knowing this area a little bit, the proposed trail would be great for mountain bikers (hence support by MORE), but not so good for commuting (because of the steep grades). Not sure that paving the surface will attract a lot of commuters either.

> Staff has had no opportunity to travel
> because many of them are
> inaccessible except on foot

This is both sad and hilarious and tells a lot about the planning staff. If it's accessible by foot only, then take your lazy ass from the car and survey it by foot, what a lame excuse for not doing your job...

This map is useless. (When you try to enlarge it, all the words blur.) Is this really the best you can do?

Thanks Gary for your positive input. Did you try following the first link? It takes you to a version of the map that's better than the best I can do.

What a horrible, boring, ugly "trail." I can't imagine anyone will ride it more than once. (MoCo had no right to blackmail Pepco and Exelon into providing the trail right of way as a condition of approving their merger. If this is the best they could get, it wasn't worth it.)

The chopped up iCC bike trail is another disaster – very poor planning and execution. And the northern half of the Rock Creek Trail is falling apart – riddled with bumps and potholes, and usually covered with leaves, mud, and other debris. plus the street crossings are very dangerous – cars don't have to stop there, and they don't.

Well gary, there's no accounting for taste, but I suspect you're wrong about repeat business. And MoCo had every right to place conditions on approving the merger - if not I'm sure PEPCO would have taken them to court. But I believe there was more to the deal than just this trail. As for the ICC, I've never ridden it, so I'll take your word for it.

But man, is this post attracting the Grumpy Gus's

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