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So I assume they intend to widen the trails? Not sure how this works on the existing path without squeezing cyclists. Vihstadt helped kill the streetcar, so I'm not sure he is a reliable narrator of making improvements for cyclists.

Vihstadt isn't a total reactionary so this probably isn't some nefarious move to stick it to the cyclists. He basically cruised into his position on a bunch of lies but now that its over he has to actually deliver on other things.

Though along large sections of the W&OD there is a worn auxillary path and in some places its even graded/graveled. Though there's no signage or anything, so its all still unofficial like.

It might work in certain higher volume stretches of the trail. Certainly not necessary for the whole thing.

With the current detour taking a lane on Lee Highway for a 2 way cycletrack in Rosslyn, we have a model for this along the Custis. Extend a permanent cycletrack from Rosslyn to Cherrydale and you've effectively doubled the width of the heavily used Custis Trail, at very little cost (some K rails and more signs. That 3rd westbound lane is rarely needed -- I haven't seen a back up at all during the detour.

a real PBL on Wilson Blvd near the Bluemont Trail would have a similar effect.

Does this mean that if I run at 14 mph for a 1 to 2 minute speed workout I have to be in the pedestrian lane where everyone walks 3 mph even though I'm running faster the slowest bikers?

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