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The Hearing meeting will be on May 24th. SHPO will publish the time 2 weeks in advance.
I've been pushing for this because cycling on Reservoir RD and Canal RD lack cycle lanes. The old trolley right of way is 30 ft wide...so plenty of room for pedestrians and cyclists.
Its a 5 minute walk from Foxhall RD over the bridge into Georgetown University.
WMATA, is attempting to raze the bridge by "demolition by neglect"
They knew in 2014 that this bridge needs repairs via their own assessment report.
I think they are going to have a tough time getting a permit to demolish a historic landmarked bridge that they neglected to maintain.

Article in today's Wash Post on this:


The ownership between Foxhall Road and Prospect Street is complex. The best way to see it is to go to the DC Atlas at:

Set the "Base Map and Imagery" to "DC Property Basemap" and it will show the lot lines and the square and lot numbers.

You can then go to the Real Property Assessment Database at https://www.taxpayerservicecenter.com/RP_Search.jsp?search_type=Assessment to look up ownership by square and lot.

WMATA owns lot 822, square 1321. Georgetown U. owns lot 821, which is the crucial connection to Prospect. There may also exist rights of way across those lots. For example I know (maybe read it here?) that Georgetown has a right of way where their driveway crosses lot 822. It was the subject of litigation with WMATA when they widened the entrance a few years ago.

The atlas is very useful, but I always worry it's not 100% accurate or that I'm using it wrong. I did write about that court case. WMATA tried to get GU to pay them money when they widened the driveway, but GU refused and won. Merrick Garland ruled in that decision.

I didn't realize (or had forgotten) that GU owned lot 811. That adds a layer of complexity, but it should be solvable. I think the trail is in the school's recently updated campus plan.

I don't think the atlas is inaccurate -- landowners tend to be diligent about making sure their holdings are correctly recorded -- as it may be incomplete and not convey all of the complexity of overlapping rights of way, etc.

It looks like DC owns nothing between Foxhall and Prospect. WMATA owns the tracts on either side of the bridge up to the GU driveway, GU owns from the driveway to Prospect. And the NPS owns the land under the bridge. So you've got four large institutions that need to be dealt with -- DDOT, WMATA, NPS and GU. Not impossible, but a tall order.

DDOT is going to have to deal with NPS elsewhere if the full trail is ever constructed.

The fact that the publicly-owned land ends at GU's driveway may be an opportunity. There's no reason (other than perhaps historical consistency) to route the trail over the trolley path. GU may prefer to route it along existing campus roads or elsewhere on land that they own.

The Real Property GIS Atlas is also a good reminder of the history of property and structures along Canal Road.

I have a great picture from when the Whitehurst was being constructed looking down canal road and all of the properties that show up in the atlas have houses/businesses on them. You can see the remains of some of the structures in the woods today, but you might not otherwise know that there used to be buildings there.

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