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Thanks for posting this.
Open letter to Crickey:
Get in touch with Mr. Washcycle if you want to meetup and I can show you (And anyone else) why I've been working on this trail for the last 4 years. It's not a waste of time, and this trail will be very valuable to the neighborhood and to the region.

And no, I've talked with DDOT and we don't think we can put bike lanes on Macarthur Blvd without removing parked cars.

So remove parked cars.

Outcry would be overbearing.
I'd never get ANC 3D to agree with approving it. DDOT has agreed that it's a no go.
You'd have to do it on both sides of the street.
And then all the side streets would be parked with these cars. And then those neighbors would be against it too.
Most of MacArthur Blvd is full of parked cars so those spaces get used on a regular basis.
You really should give me a chance to take a tour of the area. I think I can convince you.

My point is that you are using this remark, which is not the result of any kind of study, to frame the debate as there being only one choice. There are choices. One is removing parked cars. Another is obtaining additional cartway for a lane. You say that's impossible because of the Army Corps. I suspect that the Army Corps would happily entertain a proposal that shifted maintenance responsibilities away from them.

I'm not saying your proposal has no merit. I'm saying you keep dismissing alternatives as infeasible, which is a bit ironic.

1) Mary Cheh told me even if you did a land swap with Army Corps, they would want more land then they are giving up
2)We think its doubtful that Army Corps would giveup any land
3)Trees would need to be cut down or severly cut back. With of tress grows over current grass median path
4) Grass median only goes from Lowborough to Reservoir RD. Nothing to widen from Reservoir/Macarthur to Foxhall RD
5) This has all been discussed with DDOT before I even turned my attention to the trolley trail.
6) The trolley trail from Rec center to Prospect and 37th is 5 miles. There are only 2 major streets and 1 minor street within this corridor. It is the safe area to ride a bike for children and the rest of us.
Compare that to Macarthur blvd with 100 driveways and cross streets.

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