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Option 3 just makes no sense. I agree, option 1 is best. We're talking a pretty small amount of non-critical parking spaces on a low volume road there.

#2 and #3 both have some very tight turns depending on your routing. #1 has no tight turns. Definitely the best in my opinion.

#3 just seems nonsensical. Why introduce such a tight turn into the middle of the trail, at added expense? That switchback puts the Met Branch "Z" turn to shame.

Option #1 is fine, but I have a slight preference for option #2. It avoids coming up into an intersection and doesn't interfere with access to 4610 Elm (think of future development). Most people from the tunnel will continue east, so I'm not as concerned about the tight turn back to 47th. Not a fan that it takes away park space.

Option #3? No. Just no.

I like option 2 because Im a fast runner and I don't have want to slow down from 14 mph max speed run/walk to 3 mph walk through the crowded sidewalks in Downtown Bethesda I had that experience before outside of the CCT. I would like option 1 if running on the cycle track was legal. Option 3, I do not like because sharp curves are less economical on running distance at high speed.

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