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The stat about fatalities in cyclist pedestrian crashes is important. Pedestrians who level criticisms at cyclists often make the tacit assumption that it's like car-pedestrian crashes, the faster-moving object fares better. My own experience matches what the data apparently show, that injuries are comparable.

I think it also goes to the idea of incentive and mindset. The impression is that cyclist are maniacs who blaze down the sidewalk endangering all and drivers are bad, but predictable users of the roadway. I think it shows that cyclists are much more incentivized to avoid crashes than cars are, and since people (even those on bikes) respond to incentives, it means they likely try harder to do so.

My first impression is that the sample set of bike-pedestrian and bike-bike fatalities is so small is that it's hard to draw any conclusions other than these are rather rare events. I don't think you can really support meaningful comparisons with numbers that small.

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