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Thanks for the update. When I went through the area a couple of weeks ago, it looked like the bridge over the RR tracks is finished, but they are still blocking access to it because in order to reach the bridge on the west side you need to go through an active construction area. Now that it's light later it should be possible to check out the bridge after work hours . . .

That new sidepath is a pretty big deal, IMO. I checked it out on my way home today. For anyone who could not envision the location - it's along the east side of route 1, north of the new development. If you are cycling route 1 you still probably want to merge into the regular travel lane at the top of the hill, since the alternative is a "normal" sidewalk. But this path is on an uphill which would be a harder spot to merge. I am pleasantly surprised with this addition, because I feared nothing would be happen and we would be left with a frustrating gap in the network. Now if we could just address the sidewalk gaps along route 1 further north, beyond Greenbelt Rd . . .

Glad to see that the side path is usable for biking, but I was confused as to why they didn't continue the bike lane up to Albion Rd as well, since it looks like there is plenty of space.

There is an update on the bridge in a newsletter I received from state senator Pinsky: "One of the conditions that I insisted upon as a condition to building Riverdale Park Station (Whole Foods) was a bridge to the east to reduce congestion on Route 1. I am pleased that the bridge is physically built and final approvals are pending. The developers expect the bridge to be open to traffic by Father's Day. Once open, the back entrance/exit will allow access from Lafayette Ave across the railroad tracks"

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