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It has always seemed too me that it would make sense to create a connecting trail along the north side of the Langston Golf Course to MD Ave and M St NE. This would allow trail users to traverse the region outside of the Arboretum hours. If they don't do this (and I don't know if it's even an option), the new trail will have limited utility unless the Arboretum does two things: (1) expand their open hours at least to something like 6:00a -8:00p, at least by keeping open gates on the trail; (2) open the south gate near the intersection of M and MD. If they don't open that gate, the route to Capitol Hill/downtown is quite a bit longer and will require using Bladensburg Rd. Is there an opportunity for public comment?

Isn't that - a connecting trail along the north side of the Langston Golf Course to MD Ave and M St NE - what the top map shows?

It's not clear to me which side of the Arboretum fence the path is on. Based in previously-published information I was under the impression they were planning to connect the new trail to the Arboretum and then trail users would travel Arboretum roads to get out to Bladensburg and/or M/MD. I hope you are correct.

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