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There is some controversy about the validity of the traffic analysis with Toole Design, the original contractor, expressing a belief that no modifications from the February design were needed.

We constantly forget that traffic analyses are nothing more than predictions, based on a very limited amount of information and a LOT of assumptions. There is nothing particularly scientific about them other than that they assume that people in cars act like water in pipes, which is ridiculous on its face. People are humans and make decisions based on the conditions facing them. If you make it easier to drive, more people will do it, and if you make other modes relatively easier than driving, people will choose those modes. It's not rocket science or engineering even, although the people who get paid big money to run these models would like you to think so (I used to do it myself).

Or more briefly, "If you plan for cars and traffic, you get cars and traffic. If you plan for people and places, you get people and places."

Even if the current traffic conditions on C street are the basis of comparison you gotta think about the changes once the area starts changing around RFK with the new parks and everything. Makes even less sense for C street to be a giant freeway offramp then.

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