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As a part of widening route 50 near the airport they put in a pretty nice sidepath. Connecting that north towards the W&OD would be nice of course.

Same with 7 widening which now has a nice trail leading into Tyson's at least.

Figuring out good ways to connect those to both the W&OD and the myriad little trails dotting the area might have similar effects than a trail that just hugs along the highway.

And figuring out ways to build trails that don't come along with road widenings.

I know it’s not the same thing, but at least the W&OD serves that corridor pretty well. So not having a trail parallel to the Silver Line is not as big a loss as, for example, not building a trail along the entire route of the ICC, where there really is no good alternative.

A Major Regional Trail along the Dulles Toll Road corridor was added to the Countywide Trails Plan in 2001. Granted that was too late to have much of an impact given the toll road and access road were already built. However, when new developments are proposed for properties adjacent to the road, the owners are supposed to build the trail. What has happened is that the owners argue that without connecting segments it doesn't make sense for them to build the trail, and the trail requirement is waived. If the county stuck to the plan, short segments could be built over time and then extended/connected with county funds in the future.

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