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The street crossing by the Belvedere is terrible, any work on that danger zone?

Yes. If you look at the bottom picture, you can see that the crossing will be realigned. The white with black checkmarks part north of Parkway Drive is the old trail. The new trail is in yellow. There will be refuge median there as well.

I'm impressed - these are some really good design proposals.

I am curious how the tunnel under Roosevelt bridge will be impacted by the existing trees on the North side of the abutment. For the past week, a work crew has had the grass/tree section between the trail and the river fenced off as they do some major tree upkeep. They've dug down and exposed the roots and have been using compressed air to clean them, it looks like. At least two of the trees along that stretch look to be pretty old, so I'm curious how those will be dealt with if they reroute the trail to align with a new tunnel.

I'm really excited about the Belvedere redevelopment prospects - as it is now, cars East bound on RCP have a straight line as they continue on to Parkway Drive up to the Lincoln - getting them to slow and stop at the trail intersection has always been tough. If the redesign does force a right turn from RCP onto the Parkway Drive (as pictured above) it will be much much better for trail users!

Looks great. Love the tunnel.
Looks like NPS has seen what I've seen that needs to be redone.

Truth is, Rock Creek Parkway along the Potomac really is redundant to 66 and should be removed. But maybe that's too big of a project at this time.

The NPS might want to examine whether the Roosevelt Bridge concept could be applied to the Virginia end of the Memorial Bridge as well to accommodate the Mount Vernon Trail.

Is all the work that is going on now just north of the TR bridge related to this plan?

No. I believe you're referring to the bridge to the Kennedy Center.


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