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“no one was observed swimming across the river in this location during the observation period, thus, a pedestrian bridge is not warranted” - traffic engineer logic

I and many others ride that stretch of Penn all the time. It's bright red on the Strava heatmap, and it'll only get redder as the Anacostia trails expand, Suitland road gets lanes, and the S. Capitol project gets underway. The experience of riding Penn here is not great but it's also doable, and in any case better than weaving through the sidewalks. There is a ton of pedestrian traffic in this area, and the sidewalks would actually be much more dangerous than just taking the lane. If DDOT is serious about equity EOTR, Penn should be a priority.

Pity they don't propose a full-time road diet on Minnesota Ave, it carries about 12,000 cars per day.

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