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The thing about DC, is I think there must be few cities with such large bike mode share, so much infrastructure, etc, that are so weak on traffic enforcement (other than automated). They get gold based on the former, and the contrast with the latter is glaring. Compare to say, Arlington or Alexandria, where infra and riders are sparser, but the police actually enforce traffic laws from time to time.

I'd feel much more comfortable with the rating if they simply put it at numeric or alphabetical scale: 1-5 or A+,A,B,C,D. Gold makes the scenario sound much better than it actually is, and opposition stakeholders will definitely see it as such. Any time a new improvement is proposed, there will be a bunch of them clamoring to remind us all that "Hey! We don't need this bikelane near my church! We're already GOLD!" Whereas if we got a "B" grade, it's immediately obvious that there's room to improve built into the label.

I wish they'd gone with Pacman levels - Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Melon, Galaxian Starship, Bell, and Key.

That would put us at Orange or Apple.

I think I saw someone riding in Rockville once. Once.

DC should give the award back. Not truly earned. When a large percentage of your bike infra actually serves as flex parking all day, everyday your award is a joke.

LAB should revise their methodology and no longer consider unprotected bike lanes as meaningful.

You missed it in 2014 and missed it again (as it was renewed) now -- Reston is Bronze. In fact, Reston was the first BFC in Fairfax County.

A longtime ago Bowie was only Bike Friendly Community in the state of Maryland.

They have no interest in getting it back. I know because I have tried.

The shame is well deserved!

I wasn't reporting renewals, and Reston has been Bronze since before 2014.

I say let’s move the scale the other way. The lowest level is Horrorshow, which is the American default. A step above that is Miserable. A little better is Pretty Bad. DC would then qualify as Mediocre. A little more work and we could be Decent, and maybe someday someone in the US will be Good! (But never Great.)

These would also conveniently provide descriptors to potential cyclists and a kick in the pants to planning divisions. “DC’s bike network is Mediocre, but it’s still a definite improvement over the Miserable conditions in Rockville.”

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