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When there were 6-7 companies at once, it mayyyybe made sense to have a cap per company. Now that we're down to Jump and scooters, though, just take the cap off. Crappy ofos and mobikes were dirt cheap, but the scooters and Jump bikes are not. I'm happy to let the companies put as many into the market as they think are viable.

Also, ban cars.

High time for DC to revise its regulations about ebikes, now that it is operating a mixed fleet Capital Bikeshare should be advocating for equity between pedal bikes, Class 1 & 2 ebikes and e-scooters. It’s stupid they retain the sidewalk ban and don’t revise DC Code to use the comparative negligence standard in auto/ebikes collisions.

Why is the sidewalk ban "stupid"? Regular bicycles allowed on crowded downtown sidewalks would be bad enough, but eBikes allowed on them would be worse.

And yes, I know people do it anyway, despite the ban.

huskerdont, I think he's talking about the fact that e-bikes are banned on all sidewalks in the District, but regular bikes are only banned downtown. It's not unreasonable to think that maybe pedelecs should be treated more like bicycles and less like mopeds.

Are small systems doing poorly all other things being equal? I have ridden shared bikes in Albany NY and Boulder Co, and both systems seem viable.

I don't know. In both Seattle and Baltimore the smallness of the systems were cited as reasons the failed.

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