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Sorry for the loss of Mr. Hollowell. Every intersection needs a redlight camera.

A terrible tragedy.

I used to ride past that intersection every day on my commute. It's the spot I think about when people say cyclists are scofflaws. It doesn't matter what the light signals say, motorists have no regard for right-of-way there, and they're often not even looking out for other traffic. Motorists would routinely run the red and it's up to me to avoid them.

Is this being elevated to a homicide investigation by DC and coordinated with MD and VA (where the driver probably came from)? We should block that intersection during rush hour protest for a few days. Nice tactics and vision zero proclamations aren't working. The police don't care about public safety when it comes to traffic safety. The only enforcement is the automated speed cameras. Other than that, murderous driving is a free crime in DC/MD/VA and the drivers know it.

Re Richard B's comment: According to MPD, that intersection _has_ a red light camera, or at least did when they last updated the list on their website (six months ago).

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