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While I would love an overpass or underpass for the trail, I am not sure the County will fund it. I am not sure why you don't like the reroute to Hillandale or Arlington. A similar reroute existed at Connecticut Ave. for the Georgetown Branch Trail for years. Yes, it required a slight detour and stopping your bike, but I don't see why that is a problem or a hardship.

What makes the trail great is that its a straight shot from Bethesda to G-town. This will really hurt pedestrians more than cyclists. Who wants to walk/run an extra 100+ yards? If they moved the trail they would need a Trumpian wall to keep people from find ways to cross on foot in the current spot. It would probably be even more dangerous than it is now.

A similar reroute existed at Connecticut Ave. for the Georgetown Branch Trail for years.

Yeah. And it sucked. Rerouting sucks. Stopping sucks. People will commute for ~30 min. Add 1 minute to their trip and you reduce the number of people who will bike commute by 3%.

Reroute to the HIllandale signal probably makes the most sense. Maybe they can do it before the last stanchion is broken off.

I have the minority view of a cyclist who goes through the area on LFP and I get a lot of hate these days, when I claim the remaining northbound lane at Hillandale. It's good for my sprint, but it would be nice to have the lane back, and closing the pkwy would be a PITA. Personally, I don't mind riding through traffic circles, but I'm strange.

A reroute is a recipe for problems. I like the traffic circle option a lot.

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