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Were they drunk installing that sidewalk in the above photo? Who wants to walk (or ride) in a squiggly line?

The train tracks on Landy Lane are part of a spur that came off the CSX rail line that used to run down to Georgetown (and which the CCT currently follows). The spur served businesses next to the track, including the now Washington Episcopal School (WES). The WES building used to be the headquarters of Hot Shoppes and then Marriott. Before Hot Shoppes, it housed the Fuller Stone Company, which fashioned stone that was used in the Supreme Court Building and other buildings around Washington. I am the co-author of an article of this formerly African-American neighborhood that was published last year in the Washington History Journal.

Interesting, I figured they came of the CCT line, but I was surprised to see any tracks remaining anywhere. When the Branch stopped running they said there were two customers in Bethesda still - I wonder of Fuller Stone was one of them.

What, the sidewalk looks totally straight to me.

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