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Plus Maryland Milestones/Anacostia Trails Heritage Area is working to implement a Recreation Trails grant to design and print a Trolley Trail brochure and map guide based on the signs. That should roll out next spring.

And the organization has new grant funds for trail support - such as parking, signage, water stations.

This is absolutely amazing and appropriate. Now what do we need to do to get a HAWK over at the trail and Queens Chapel? That plus the "Connector Trail" to the MBT = a real game-changer.

I know, dream big right?

This is such excellent news! Especially for bikers coming from "afar" who have no safe way to get from the riverside bike trails to the "towns" trolley trail.

Thanks to everyone who has worked on this!

September update on the PG County Connector Trail:

1. Completed Final Design of segment from Piney Branch Rd to Maryland Line
2. Working to coordinate construction with completion of PEPCO work in late Fall

So that seems soon.

Isn't there already a HAWK at Queen's Chappel?

RE PG County connector trail - I am confused. My understanding was that the connector would go from (roughly) West Hyattsville metro/Chillum Rd to the existing trail at Lasalle Rd. (and then of course DC need to finish their side of the connection). But Piney Branch Rd is not in the same area. Are you talking about a different connector?

RE: Queens Chapel crossing.

They held a meeting about a year ago to discuss and they mentioned that they will be installing a hawk signal with the reconstruction of the section from Hamilton to the DC line. Here is the flyer of the meeting I attended.


It looks like design is at 99% completion and they should be updating the public soon based on the project page.


It currently has a flashing yellow when you push the button, but will turn to a HAWK that creates a red signal.

Oh yeah, sorry, the Piney Branch part is the last section in DC, not the connector.

I was told second-hand that the Prince George's Dept. of Parks and Recreation still sees these three steps to complete from Chillum Rd. to Russell Ave (near Lasalle): land purchase, meeting WMATA requirements for a trail being so near the tracks, and construction funding.
Given the decade+ of delays for that route, I wonder if we should be studying other corridors. We could look at major bike improvements for Rhode Island Ave, which is the #1 desire line for commuters. And we could seek a neighborhood rec trail connecting Kennedy St. in Chillum with Kennedy St. in DC.

The DC section is also troubled. Basically NPS isn't going to let them build it on their property as was always the plan even though this was in NPS's 1990 paved trails plan. So it will be on road for most of the way.

NW Branch to MBT Connector Trail??? This is the first I've heard of such a thing..... tell me more!

It's called the Prince George's County Connector. A piece of it exists in Avondale Neighborhood Park. Here's a marker:


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