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Perfectly cromulent use of the F word there. The guy is a complete eejit who shouldn't have anything published in the nation's second most respected newspaper, at least not without substantial editing for content by someone with some sense, which would whittle his columns down to a sentence or two.

Bike Snob NYC recently did an Outside column about NYC's own version of Milloy, Steve Cuozzo, who writes for the NY Post. These people are everywhere and not just infesting the DC area.


Agreed. I love the Post. But they should tell him that this horse is dead and they won't allow him to beat it any longer.

To be clear, the oil protesters weren't protesting him specifically (though maybe we should now). It's just that he's so wrapped up in his identity as a driver he considered himself on the same "team" as Big Oil and then any questioning of Big Oil's practices is really a personal attack on him.

Sounds like the level headed type of driver that certainly makes me feel safe on the roadways of today.

I can't defend Milloy, but I'll try to explain him.

He's a journalist. How do journalists spend their days? Meeting with people who might be sources. That involves a lot of travelling around the city. He's not just a journalist, he's a prominent journalist. That tends to be associated with an ego, which is associated with narcissistic rage when not getting your way.

Plus, he's 67 years old. Which means he's unlikely to get around by any way other than car. He's old enough that during his lifetime the social stature of cyclists has changed dramatically. He became driving age at a time when cycling was at a nadir in this country, and there were serious attempts to ban cyclists from the public roads. Men of his age don't change their worldview easily, especially of attitudes learned in their formative years.

I would call him an opinion writer, which does require an ego. Leave the journalists out of it.

WaPo allowed CM to insinuate that it was acceptable to run down cyclists indiscriminately. Until they apologize for that, I will not forgive them. In my mind WaPo is a backwards conservative rag that I avoid as much as possible.

He is partly responsible for the (local) culture that thinks its acceptable to endanger, injure, or kill one group of people without getting punished, all because of motorists' sense of entitlement and the purported law breaking of cyclists. But only partly since we were leaning that way anyway; the hypocrisy of motorists complaining about pedestrians and cyclists breaking the law never ceases to astound me.


With a few tweaks, this could easily describe half of the cops on the MPD force. And probably 80% of all city employees.

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