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Maybe they can repair it to not be so freaking slippery

Sounds like National Park Service, George Washington Memorial Parkway @NPSGWMP has a golden opportunity to finally replace the most dangerous segment of the entire Mount Vernon Trail. 🤞

Maroons for sure, but they did repair it quickly. It was done by yesterday around 4:30 when I went by. They just put new boards in (lighter colored so you can take a tour and see where all the excitement was).

From anecdotal data, I would say half of the repairs needed on multi-use trails in Fairfax County are caused by utility work. There are parts of the trail cut out, then never repaired. Other times heavy delivery trucks will damage the asphalt surfaces that aren't built for such a load.
I open tickets with VDOT and it takes them months to repair these issues. The lack of accountability is frustrating.

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