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"Mr. Pines noted that the uphill grade on the Tour de France is as much as 11%, versus 4% on the Nice Bridge." I would say a reliable indicator that a discussion on cycling infrastructure is going poorly is the use of the Tour de France as a point of reference.

Bike use aside, I really dislike bridges without pedestrian access. In this day and age, that seems like a tiny bit above minimum.

Well, lots of triathletes can swim across the river at that location, so why put in a bridge at all?

Why call out the cost of putting in the ped bridge? It's the four traffic lanes that are driving the cost.

I'm confused. I recently had to drastically re-route a bicycle tour because cyclists were not allowed to cross the Hatem bridge. It looks like access has been severely restricted since 2016. How is that a "successful example" of lane sharing?

Tom, if the state's position is that the bike/ped lane costs too much then how much it costs seems relevant. How much is it worth? You're going to need to be able to argue that the benefit exceeds the cost - instead of just saying that every bridge and/or tunnel needs a bike lane - if you want to win.

ADA requires that pedestrian facilities, if they exist, be accessible to those with disabilities such as wheelchair users. Hence curb cuts, sidewalk bumps, etc.

But many disabilities preclude driving. Why does the above concept not extend to rights-of-way in general? Shouldn't all public rights-of-way (especially bridges where there is no reasonable alternative) be required to provide pedestrian access so that they can serve the disabled?

IANAL but I'm curious to learn whether that issue has ever been litigated.

Why can't they leave the existing bridge standing and use it for a bike/pedestrian crossing?

That's what the Charles County Commissioners want to know. "letter asked for consideration of keeping and repurposing the existing Harry Nice Bridge as a bicycle and pedestrian facility."

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