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There is no need for a bridge there.
And there is no need for 2 lanes in each direction. Why? Because every street that connects to this street is one lane in every direction.

In all 3 diagrams, Little Falls is reduced from 4 to 2 lanes where the current crossing is located. Given that, the speed table option is my favorite for the cost.

I find it quite telling that even in the rendering for the diversion option, the red SUV driver is breaking the law. They are obviously speeding (blur motion) when the pedestrians have a walk signal and the SUV is faced with a No Turn on Red sign.

I'm not a fan of the bridge option, but at least here there isn't the added drawback of people still trying to cross at street level, like at the River Road bridge. The road diet works best for me. I think you'd find the grade on the uphill side would be an issue for some people.

I live right there. The bridge would by far be the best. It's only a matter of time before someone gets hit with the road diet -- and maybe not even by someone driving poorly, but by a car that's stopping at the crossing but gets rear ended by a a fool who's not paying attention.

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