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Didn't they also approve substantial funding for the Foundry Trestle Bridge and the CC trail head under the Key Bridge?

They did, at the same meeting, but not as part of Visualize 2045.

Palisades (Glen Echo) Trolley Trail Preliminary Design
District Department of Transportation, $600,000
This project will complete preliminary designs for the first phase of a multi-use trail along a
former streetcar line that originally connected Georgetown to Glen Echo Park. Much of this
project will focus on the rehabilitation of the Historic Foundry Trestle Bridge, originally built in
1886, and currently in a state of deterioration. In addition, the project will develop designs for
the first phase of the proposed Palisades (Glen Echo) Trolley Trail, providing access between
Foxhall Road, Canal Road, and Georgetown. which was included in DDOT’s 2005 bicycle Master
Plan and in DDOT’s 2015 moveDC long-range plan. The segment covered by this first phase,
which is 3.5 miles in length, is between Foxhall Road and Prospect Street, NW. The project is
within the Georgetown Activity Center and across the river from the Rosslyn Activity Center. It is
less than ½ mile from the National Capital Trail.

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