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Great news! Now if only we could get residents and small businesses to take shoveling their sidewalks seriously. One step at a time.

What's the cost? I will benefit from this since I commute all year, but I'd rather spend the money on bike infrastructure... And speaking of wasting cash, what was up with all that salt DC dumped on the roads over the holiday weekend when it never got below freezing... Salt sucks for bikes (and cars), especially when its not needed....

The bike lanes are infrastructure, and the lanes are not functional if they're full of snow and ice, so it is money spent on bike infrastructure. The cost is what the cost is.

You get maybe 2 weeks of extra use, in a bad winter, by a relatively small group of riders, from plowing/shoveling. Whereas most infrastructure is available for most of the year. Wondering how money can best be spent is usually a good thing.

Hopefully they'll also be used in other months, like right now to clear out the leaves and debris in the lanes.

If people are going to use cycling as transportation, then you cannot have it off line for, sometimes, weeks. You lose people for good there. DC and MoCo have done a decent job keeping the COOT clear the last 2 winters, and the trail was out of commission for a fraction of what it used to be.

Yup, that's it. For infra to be viable, it has to be usable almost all of the time. We don't say to drivers, hey, it snowed so you can't go to work this week. The same should be the case for cyclists and pedestrians.

There are a few of us that will ride on snow, but most people won't, and even for those of us who do, it's a great benefit to have it cleared before in freezes into rutted and clumpy, unrideable ice.

Who cleans up the gravel and salt? Now the 11th St SE bike lanes are filled with trash, and they still haven't been swept since last winter.

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