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That's a beautiful rendering. Lyttonsville looks nothing like that.

It's cute how they have the pedestrians on the sidewalk and the cyclists on the cycletrack.

Not now, but this is the plan. This shows 16th Street. On the left of the image is a narrow oval of land between that street and a Purple Line station. The idea is that that land will become valuable once the station is open and this is how they want it developed.

They might want to go down to the Wharf for a couple of days and soak in the ambiance of the cycletrack. The rendering resembles the "as constructed" track and will probably work as poorly. Bonus points if you cross the cycletrack frequently with driveways.

I agree with Dana RE the Wharf cycle track. Looks nice in a drawing, does not work so well in practice. One thing I have noticed is that the pedestrian "sidewalk/path" can easily be obstructed by doors from the shops. Thus anyone moving fast (eg runners) are encouraged to use the bike lane/cycle track instead, where they won't be hit with a door that suddenly opens.

I think the Wharf cycletrack works well for the less confident cyclist. No, you can't go 18mph in it, but it is grade separated and safe and I think when it's completed it will be a nice option for the curious but cautious crowd.

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