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I live about 2 blocks from here and the new bridge has been unofficially open since mid-September. The new bridge is very welcome since the old crossing was prone to flooding during heavy rains making this impassible.

I'm also glad to hear that work is planned on the tunnels that run under N. Van Dorn St. and US I-395. Right now they are very run down and give off a slightly creepy vibe as if you're traveling thru a large haunted sewer pipe.

I also live near the new bridge, and was happy to see it completed. Hope it is true that they are at least going to strip old paint from the tunnel and re-paint. Unfortunately, there are still some spots going west toward Chatham street that can get covered with water, sand and mud in wet weather. There is a bridge at Chatham that connects the Alexandria trail to the Fairfax Co. trail - which is fairly new, and appreciated. But the Fairfax part of the trail to Columbia Pike has several fords - wet even in dry weather.

Oops - I said the street name wrong - it is Chambliss.

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