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I didn't know they put the standalone ped/bike bridge upstream, last i had seen they had contemplated a downstream version.

The missing link still appears to be from the Ohio Dr landing, through East Potomac Park, to the existing Case Bridge landing. The grander plan needs to be to carry people 100% off-street from Crystal City (and points south) straight to The Wharf (and points south and east) without having to traverse the various shortcomings of the Tidal Basin

Yeah, here's what I'm toying with:

Step 1. Build a trail from Ohio SW along the south side of the railroad to 395 and then along the south side of that to the sidewalk along the Case Bridge. It would require two at grade crossings along the ramps from I395 NB to Buckeye, but I think this can be done safely (or grade separated, but that gets pricey).

Step 2: A bridge over 395 and a trail next to the RR from the trail in Step 1 to Ohio Drive (or even over it) on the north side of the island.

That basically makes a straight shot to the Maine Ave sidepath and to the Case Bridge.

Step 3: A bridge over the Washington Channel from Ohio Drive north side to the Rosa Parks Bridge. This would be expensive for little gain

1&2 seem not too hard. 3 is harder to justify.

in step 1, "...along the south side of the railroad to 395 and then along the south side of that to the sidewalk along the Case Bridge." This skirts along some sort of classified facility that complicates things greatly

If it's a no-go, getting something that goes along Ohio, then up through the mess of existing parking lots (which i heard were planned for changes), then across those 395 ramps, to a widened sidewalk to the Case Bridge

So after the meeting I spoke with DDOT staff. Building the trail to the south of the railroad is problematic because, allegedly, NSA has a facility between the river and the I395 ramp. They are fine with a railroad but draw the line at a 10 foot path.

I think your step 1 is the way they will go as there's a cut through parking lot between NSA and NPS facilities to the trail to the Case.

That said, it the point of the bridge is to connect the District to Virginia, this does a sucky job of it. My fear is that they build this thing and it will be seen a a boondoggle as few will use it because they don't know how to get to it or they have to go so far out of the way to use it that it becomes impractical.

Yeah the NSA facility is a problem. Who's idea was it to put such a thing in the middle of a park anyway? Grrr....

Any other option sucks, but maybe not as much as the status quo.

Maybe I'm missing something here...

For anyone coming from Rock Creek or points west, heading from Lincoln Memorial-ish along Ohio Dr to the landing of the new bridge works beautifully.

For anyone coming from downtown, who used to take the Case Bridge sidewalk, it's not hard to go past the Jefferson Memorial, and swing by George Mason to the landing of the new bridge. Short, low-traffic, reasonably scenic. Or if you're just heading to the MVT, stick to the Case Bridge anyway.

The only gap I see is folks coming from / going to the east, including the Wharf. And instead of trying to re-use that weird sidewalk on 395, why not put a protected bikeway along Buckeye Dr., and then spend the money on a cool connection across the harbor channel? It's what, 300 ft from that stretch of Ohio Dr to the District Pier?

It would have to be tall enough for boats to get under, but maybe we'd finally get our version of Copenhagen's Bicycle Snake!

(Last month, I had my first chance to ride the Bicycle Snake at night, it's even better than during the day.)

"it's not hard to go past the Jefferson Memorial, and swing by George Mason to the landing of the new bridge"

No it's not. But it's about half a mile longer.

As for the connection to the Wharf/ART, a channel bridge improves things a little, but not having to detour to Buckeye helps things a lot. So that's why I put the channel bridge 3rd on the list, but the connections across the island 1st an 2nd.

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