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How can Alexandria be ahead of Arlington, I think it's way less bike friendly. Especially on the outskirts.

I generally feel safe riding everywhere in Arlington. Not in Alexandria. Alexandria has a long ways to go to rightly earn themselves any bike friendly rankings.

Nice blog post though. Thanks!

These rankings are weird. Fort Collins is great city but they mostly have trails for recreation that people drive their cars to. From my limited experience trying to get around, relying on a bike for transportation in Fort Collins would be difficult. The roads are built for cars traveling at high speeds. Even when there are bike lanes, it is harrowing getting through large intersections or past strip malls with cars turning every which way. Pedestrians and cyclists are a mere afterthought if they are thought of at all. I couldn't find any convenient way to lock up a bike near businesses. Running errands on a bike was regarded as a strange novelty.

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