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I live in a rowhouse at 22nd and O, right in the middle of the affected area. I had a conflict that night, but I submitted written comments. Not that it will make any difference. We'll end up with (at most) a bit of white paint ignored by motorists; it'll arrive by 2025.

I'm so fed up with how dangerous these streets are that I've decided to move do a different part of Dupont. Every request for re-design or traffic calming over the years has been met with more or less the same response: "22nd St is a major arterial so we can't do anything to slow traffic here etc etc etc."

In the end, I realized that DDOT and the rest of the DC govt does not (or cannot) care about pedestrian/cyclist safety. If you want to be safe in that regard, you need to restrict yourself to the streets that are already "safer". The other streets will not change while Bow$er is in charge.

I'm in the heart of that area. I think it'll actually work fairly well.

At least in that area if I'm on the sidewalk its because all the one way streets mean that I can either stay in heavy traffic for another 1/4 mile or I can slowly coast to my destination on wide sidewalks.

Planning won't be complete until 2021.

Why does it take so long just to do the planning? If our mayor actually wanted to move this faster, she certainly could.

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