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Thanks for posting this; it's been incredibly frustrating. FYI my page is on our lukefisher domain, which combines my wife's and my last names, not my first and last. Whenever anything happens I'll post an update the page at http://fishers.lukefisher.com/#update.

This is a great summary of a story that's been going off and on for several years. Many road cyclists, and some walkers, turn left at the end of the trail and have worn a path to the guardrail, where they lift their bikes and step over onto the road. I suppose the Parks and Highway department don't want to encourage this behavior, so the guardrail will not be taken down.

Thanks Monte!

Yes, thanks, Monte! I finally found this trail with help from your page and photos. It's been dry enough lately to ride the unpaved section.

The Parks Dept. turned down continuing the trail along Viers Mill Rd, saying it was unsafe for cyclists. But there are multiple signs and paintings along the side of the road saying it's a bike lane.

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