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I'd say file a complaint with the IRS, but they might not get to it anytime soon.

I'm not saying that I agree with anything these self-interested folks are doing, nor do I want WashCycle to curtail its muckraking.

The reality is that they are probably within their rights to do what they are doing, based on what they disclosed in their 990 filing. The great thing about tax-exempts is that there is some paper trail to follow.

From this piece, http://www.actfortransit.org/purple_trail_myth.html it looks like they told the IRS they are a continuation of the Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Coalition.

When I searched for a Form 990 filed by that organization, I found this 2016 year-end filing: http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/521/521500193/521500193_201612_990EZ.pdf

It describes out friend Ajay Bhatt as the president, and describes their purpose as "Protect and establish parkland and green space."

These are their Program Accomplishments:

28. Public interest litigation to uphold the National Environmental Policy Act and other laws applying to Maryland's Purple Line which would deforest the Georgetown Branch section of the Capital Crescent Trail, clear-cut 48 acres of forest inside the Beltway, and impact the Rock Creek and Anacostia watersheds.

29 Education via website and e-newsletters regarding the value and benefits of the Capital Crescent Trail and green space, the impacts of the Purple Line, and more cost-effective and less harmful alternatives that would preserve the forested Trail for the thousands who use it for recreation or to bike or walk to work and more.

It is noteworthy that they got $84,049 in grants for that year, which because they are tax-exempt, was tax deductible by the contributors.

They also disclosed the lobbying activity they undertook, as required.

File a complaint!

It looks to me like there's nothing to even hint that they are out of compliance.

I agree with fongfong - you're digging into something you don't quite understand and you should probably stop.

A lack of understanding isn't a reason to stop, it is a reason to learn more.

Per Jonathan, which is why Washy asked and I dug in to get more.

I would point out to NFP that this is just an information tax return that is not indicative of anything regarding whether these folks actually followed their avowed exempt purpose. With unlimited time, I'm sure we could find them taking actions beyond those stated.

But you learn more BEFORE you post an article about it.

Your article was irresponsible.

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