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They missed an opportunity here, the trail should go from Takoma Washington to Tacoma Washington.

Or Mt. Rainier to Mt. Rainier.

As a recent transplant from the East Coast, there are a bunch of similarities...

Arlington to Arlington, Mt Vernon to Mt Vernon, Capitol Hill to Capitol Hill, Georgetown to Georgetown, or NoMa to SoDo if you want to get gentrified.

I think BikeSnob would call it swabbing Canada's armpit.

Depending on what you mean by 'on road' the American Discovery Trail moves off road more and more each year. Currently about 5% of the ADT is on pavement, there are of course a lot of farm roads and dirt roads. Some of the ADT will always be on pavement as it intentionally passes through cities and towns. The ADT Society is looking forward to seeing another cross country route being created.

I want to do Seattle to DC next summer. Has anyone who has done it have information about the trails they rode on and routes where there is no trail?

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