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I hope the 2019 bike lane list is longer than 2018s.
I live 2 miles from downtown and don't have a single protected bike lane on a reasonable route to work. I get in enough clashes with drivers that I'm getting close to giving up and Ubering every day or something.

I just came across some information earlier this week about concerns from the boating community regarding the Arboretum bridge. They want a bridge that's high enough to allow safe passage by boats. They point to the trail bridge at Bladensburg as an example of the ideal. There is a detailed presentation here. (and more here)

Thrilled about the wayfinding signage. I take MBT about once every 6 months right now, and I always struggle to find it, and then to stay on it once I'm there. I'm not the sharpest edge in the drawer but I CANNOT be the only one.

And NaDa on the long stalled Eastern Downtown bike lanes.

Status on Eastern Downtown is unchanged "Public meeting date has not been scheduled. We are still waiting on a decision of what corridor to pursue."

hired a new bike lane planner and ped planner!

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