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The crossing at N St has a lot of potential. Coming east, N St (past Dunbar) is a low-traffic / low-stress route for many blocks (basically starting at Thomas Circle). After crossing N Cap, it connects nicely to 1st NE, NoMa Metro, and M St bike line, especially once the construction alongside the Metro station is finally done.

My ideal would be an extra span across N Cap for bikes, on the north side -- a way of widening the sidewalk, which is hopelessly narrow right there, currently the key bottleneck.

Alternatively, NY Ave W/B shrinks a lane just *after* N Cap. Start that process a couple of hundred feet earlier, and it frees up a lot of space for cyclists and peds.

Irving St or Michigan Ave bike lanes! These two roads are SUPER dangerous for cyclists, with cars routinely going 50 mph and no shoulder for cyclists.

kai. huh?

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