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"There’s a technical fix to this problem: Sensors on curbs could stop scooters in their tracks. "

If most of the injuries are from falling then putting in sensors that lead to sudden stops seems like it could backfire.

I've been riding bikes longer than Washy, since I am old, and riding those scooters terrifies me. The physics are just all wrong and if there is a sudden stop or swerve, off comes the standing rider who is pretty darn likely to hit the ground pretty hard if you are going 20 mph. Brakes are just not accessible having to step backwards.

Mineta Transportation Institute presented a paper at TRB on scooters, which showed among other things, that when people e-scooted on sidewalks, they did so at lower speeds than scooters on-street.

1. 50,000 traumatic brain injuries per year for car passengers. 2. Helmets would obviously reduce that number. 3. Everyone should wear a helmet while riding in an automobile.



So no, I guess.

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