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Just yesterday, I was on the west side of I-95 opposite the Lorton VRE station. Including the dead-end stub, parallel to Blue Bonnet Drive. Having a way to follow Pohick Creek under the highway and through to the station would be fabulous. Even better if it would connect under the tracks too, and stitch together with the Lorton Station Blvd strip.

But the Gerry Connolly CCT along Pohick Creek still needs some serious upgrades if it's going to have utility for actual transportation / commuting use. Which isn't news, but should still be frustrating / alarming to everyone involved. The multiple creek crossings are flooded anytime there's any rain at all -- and that's with hopping along each of those silly concrete posts while carrying your bike.

It's a gorgeous set of trails, providing safe, direct routes in an otherwise car-centric area that's too dangerous for most cyclists. And yet it's practically unusable.

Oh, and speaking of the Cheverly Metro station being inaccessible by bicycle -- Franconia Springfield is *awful*. How can any transportation planner not resign in disgust, when the only transit station in the whole area is treated so poorly?

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