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1:52 At mark Kishan Putta
of ANC 2E He is from Georgetown.
He is the one who asked about the Palisades Trolley Trail and "thought it was a cool idea"

I don't think having a law that isn't the best but not enforcing it because it is realized that isn't the best is the correct way to go. It just infuriates motorists more, and without a clear law coupled with enforcement, it also encourages the poor behavior of some cyclists who feel it's okay to just ride straight through stop signs without yielding to other traffic. It would be preferable, for me, to have stop-as-yield, and to actually enforce the laws that are on the books, including that cyclists should yield the right-of-way.

Vision-zero for DC is pretty much vision-zero-enforcement though, so that's wishful thinking on my part, I know.

The scooter mph cap seems insane to me if the expectation is they use the street. The speed limit is 25mph anywhere you'd ride a scooter (not that people should always be driving at the limit) so why cap one vehicle at less than half that?

Re: East Downtown Bike Lane,

IIRC the only "community opposition" are the few churches that are afraid about losing their parking.

Is their something more than that? I agree with Allen that if the churches involved have drawn a line in the sand then its simply time to make a decision.

> "Cheh asked Marootian about the overall vision for bicycle lanes in the District. He said that it was MoveDC and he said they were taking steps to update that document (Huh?)"

Not sure if this is what he was referring to, but one of the summer interns DDOT intends to hire "will assist with several research questions related to the update of moveDC…[which] the District is directed to update…every five years": https://www.hutrc.org/d2019movedc

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