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Couldn't read the article,because I'm not dropping the ad blocker,but in my experience the answer is yes. About a half dozen times I've had issues where a station I was trying to check out of or into was off the network. I've also noticed that they're very slow to fix broken docks;I've seen it take a month to fix one at Cleve Park,and there's one out there now that's going on like its third week. I'm also completely unimpressed by their customer service. They're not based in DC,so they have no idea about the area. The last time I got dock-blocked,the rep told me to take a street that was a 3 lane one-way going the wrong way. I've also been told there wasn't a station with the name I gave them,because it fell off the network and the rep couldn't see it.

They straight up need to get their network right,and they need to improve their station maintenance and balancing outside the downtown core.

Actually, the answer to a headline question can be "maybe" a well as "no."

I thought they did a good job with the communications of the stations outage issues. I also think the docks outage issue is annoying. I would like to see more metrics on the % of time that stations are full/empty. Bike angels has helped but perhaps it should be tweaked.

I never have any problems checking out bikes using the app.

For non members, they need to use the kiosk interface, which is terrible and needs to be replaced desperately. I think it would drive away would be riders.

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