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The neighborhood has been fighting this development for the last three years or so. They are worried about "parking". Looks like a real improvement over the 1950s style plaza and endless parking lot there now. "Density" is a dirty word, but that greenway does sound nice. Kudos to the MC Planning on this one.

That looks really nice.
My favorite part of the project is removing the concrete channel that is currently Willett Branch.
You can see it as its right behind the Whole Foods on the CCT.
These streams that feed into the Potomac River are quite beautiful in this area.
One of them flows under the Glen Echo Trolley Bridge at Glen Echo Park

Yes, the project will end up dramatically improving the stream and restoring it to a more natural functioning, with a buffer area providing green space alongside. It angers me that the worst kind of NIMBYism results in keeping a channelized stream and tens of acres of surface parking when we could have something so much better.

In following the debate online....daylighting Willett Branch is the one aspect that everyone agrees upon

They may agree on that one thing, but in fighting everything ever proposed for Westbard (which they have), they keep it in its channelized state. They want low density, suburban residential development on a prime infill development site near the City line. That's insane.

(This is probably not a selling point for opponents of the upzoning) In addition to the things that make Westbard a prime location as Crickey noted, it is also, IMHO, the most likely location for any future Purple Line expansion.

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