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I'm always amused when people claim that bike lanes are somehow wealthy gentrifiers screwing poor people.
Bikes are vastly cheaper than cars?
It's also funny that they think putting a bike lane in and cutting down on auto traffic lanes will... increase pollution on K St? Huh?
I suppose by that logic expanding K St to an 8 lane highway will make the air crystal clear?

I love it when people who are arguing that biking doesn't work for them (whatever the resason) also have time to tell us what is and isn't safe for cycling.

Now I've not been to flight academy but let me tell you how I'd flying those Boeing jets to avoid a crash.

I recommend DDOT embark on a multi-year study of alternatives including a no build option. Every couple of years they can issue a terse statement they are still studying it just to reassure us Vision Zero is working.

The campaign by just two K St residents on local social media was astonishing. I really admire them each posting around 60 comments about how many elderly will be killed by this road calming project. Just to confirm they are not Russians, I might have to check in on them in person. Both have off street parking. It almost seems like mental illness? Would love to understand.

We often ride this route (10 year old and me), and we call it K for Krazy Street. The combination of drivers let loose from the tunnel, the width of the street and the general open air feel make it seem like cars should be flying along this route. Any traffic calming would be great.

sorry i missed this until now... it's interesting that one of the 'koncerns' was that "protected, safe bike lanes already exist in our neighborhood on non-residential streets...K Street is 90% residential", especially considering how many complaints cities get when they attempt to install bike lanes or other bike-related infrastructure on non-residential streets saying people should be riding on residential roads...

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