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So, on these call in shows do you think that really noone else calls in with other opinions or do they purposefully make sure to let through angry drivers to perpetuate the "war on cars?"

On a different note, so I get my analogies straight, given that bikers are Nazis, does that mean that pedestrians are Italian Fascists, delivery truck drivers are Russian Commies, taxis are Vichy France, and people on the Metro are the Swiss? Where do the Japanese fit in are those scooter riders? I need to break out Axis and Allies to figure this out.

I was so upset by this Kojo show - from the fact that it turned out to only be a short segment at the end of the hour after advertising this topic all morning, to then Austermuhle (isn't he a cyclist?) leading into the show by saying it's about trying to make the streets more "friendly" to cyclists. It was a horribly belittling way to approach the subject of dangerous drivers. I mean, people died, one person wasn't even on the street.

But then to have that single caller who was a driver complaining about being slowed in cutting through Rock Creek to Silver Spring because a cyclist is holding up traffic, really was over the top for this show. Even after this driver calls the cyclist a Nazi and says he should be ticketed for not using the bike path, there's basically no response from Austermuhle or Allen. Allen's roundabout statement that roads need to accommodate more that just drivers was totally inadequate. Where was the push-back against the notion that drivers are entitled to drive at the detriment of other's safety and fair use of the road? Allen made it sound like the solution to dangerous drivers is to direct some future resources to other road users leaving drivers as is. That statement came across as just a totally different topic. I do hope, though, that Allen keeps pushing the fact that Wards on the east side of town are those treated most unfairly with construction of enormous, fast roads that have destroyed neighborhoods.

James, you should forward what you just wrote to Austermuhle and Kojo's producers. It's well-reasoned and sober. They need to hear it.

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