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It's far from perfect, but it's WAY better than the previous conditions. Any idea about the timeline for implementation? Hopefully this won't end up in the 30% design phase for the next three years like the Eastern Downtown bike lanes.

Nothing official, but I've heard 2021 or 2022.

I attended the meeting and DDOT used 2021, though many speakers urged completion earlier.

The compromise creates several problems, notably the R Street connection to 20th and the aforementioned Dupont Farmers Market. The market suggested DDOT install removable protective posts so vendors can set up as usual and cyclists (like cars) would just have to go around the market on Sunday. (Who manages removal and reinstallation of the posts was not discussed.)

I think DDOT knows 21st Street is the best configuration, but in this case has bowed to entrenched residential parking interests. Sadly and ironically, ANC and DDOT deference increases the potential that this configuration will fail.

Stirboo, I'm not so sure DDOT recognizes 21st St is the best configuration. They've now implemented 3 tire fire redesigns in the past year (14th St, NJ, and Maryland) that are going to do the absolute bare minimum to improve safety. I like to give DDOT credit given the system in which they work, but at this point, it's tough.

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