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I first had to check the date to be sure it was now the 2nd. My wife's 'classic female bike' of the early 80s was / is a Bianchi Campione Del Mondo, she got while in graduate school at SIO (Scripps Institute of Oceanography) that is still a lovely ride.

This seemed like a serious post so I clicked on the link to the referenced website. It links to a Wikipedia page on April Fools day — wtf?

My bad. This was suppose to post on April 1st, but I messed up and was out of town for a funeral so didn't notice.

Reading this late, but I totally fell for it. Thanks for allowing me to get temporarily excited about the possibilities for the bikes living in my parents' storage shed (a reappropriated castle).

I totally missed this as a prank post. Nothing that anyone in the entertainment business does can surprise me, I guess.

I too suffer from a "sense of humor" so dry that people often think I'm serious.

But this really should be a movie.

I know right? I would love to see a an female-cast remake of Breaking Away.

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