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There's no trust to any of those studies and plans after the ICC bait and switch.

The ICC bait-and-switch was Maryland; this is Virginia, where the plans will prolly change to a hot-and-dirty strip of pavement between the travel lanes and the sound wall.

But if constructed, some of those additions could be quite helpful in what is essentially a cycling desert, even if in some cases they don't connect to much of anything yet. Lewinsville, for instance, connects to Great Falls St., which is bikeable (for my comfort level). If there were a trail along the beltway connecting to Old Dominion and Georgetown Pike, that would be pretty helpful. While I'd never ride on Georgetown Pike, I would do a loop using Balls Hill to Churchill or back to Old Dominion. YMMV.

I don't think the ICC trail was a bait and switch. There did wind up being a trail for part of the way and where it wasn't built, bike advocates who I believe have grudgingly agreed that building the trail would have required taking homes/damaging the environment.

And to the extent that that was a lesson, it was a different time. It will be harder to do that now, as there are more trail users and they're better organized. It is more a reason for vigilance and involvement than for apathy and resignation.

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