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It's passing in places where they don't consider bikes to be a viable transportation mode. This fits in with my thesis of the Idaho Stop: it's only acceptable if you think the modal share of bikes is so low that it frankly doesn't matter what they do. Here, what we need is dooring laws and more infra. The Idaho Stop here is a distraction combined with a mockable target for cycling opponents.

Delaware it pretty much is viable, I think. And certainly Oregon. Also not sure that its a distraction - I see most biking advocates focusing on infra and on legal issues other than the Idaho stop or Delaware yield.

Being able to legally do what almost all cyclists do anyway is far from a distraction.

Dooring laws are great, but they simply give us legal cover after we've been doored. A dooring law will change the behavior of 0% to 1% of people regarding dooring.

We have dooring laws in DC. Good ones.

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