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All the fuss about citizen enforcement is fine with me. If we end up dropping a relatively untested idea from the bill but get to keep most or all of the other incredible pieces of progress, that's a huge win in my books.

"Finally, just a few comments on some of the media coverage of the Citizens Enforcement pilot. It's fascinating to me that this has gotten all the press (it's become national news even) while the plan to ban RTOR everywhere or lower the speed limit to 20 (!!!) or even, finally approve MoveDC has not. Oh well, I don't know journalism." Yup, this is brilliant. Council can make a big show of dropping the citizen enforcement pilot, and get the lower speed limits, no RTOR, and the other good ideas through.

The whole point of the pilot is to test the idea. That's why it only lasts one year. Gay marriage was once an untested idea too, so I'm not sure that's a good enough reason to not try something.

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