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Alternative 3 seems the best to me. I dislike the notion of vehicles going along the CCT a lot; even crossing at grade is problematic.

Would be great to provide a better connection under the bridge along Maddox Branch. Not sure it can be made into a bikeable trail easily. Steep singletrack/hiking trail up through Battery Kemble past the bridge. Right now it's possible to follow the creek under the bridge on foot but it's dicey.

My thoughts too. A narrow path with a handrail could be added, but people would need to walk their bikes. I doubt it could be made ADA compliant either.

Alternative 3 is the one I supported in my comment.

None of these proposals address the problems with the site from a pedestrian or cyclist access viewpoint, which is that the current access sucks.

Non-motorized access would remain the same as it is today, via the ramp. I guess it's not shared with motorized vehicles any more, but I've never found that to be an issue. The issue is that your choices are to come down Reservoir road or under Canal Road through the Maddux Run tunnel. Reservoir road is steep and narrow and has heavy traffic. The sidewalk is narrow, poorly maintained and has utility poles in the middle. The intersection with Canal is scary. Adding a signal a few years ago was a dramatic improvement, but it improved it from terrifying to merely frightening.

The tunnel is scary and only for the fit and strong in the best conditions, if it's wet or icy it's downright dangerous.

I've never had any issues getting around on foot or bicycle once across Canal Road, it's getting across road that is the issue.

In general C&O has a very car-centric layout, it's hard to get in on foot or by bike. It's a shame that this effort seems entirely dedicated to making it easier for drivers to access it and doesn't address the real issues for pedestrians and cyclists.

I think the primary purpose is to make the lower lot accessible by emergency and maintenance vehicles. Everything else flows from that. DDOT is a partner and I thought I read something about things they would do to canal Road, but now I can't recall what that was.

DDOT had been working on a major restructuring of Canal Road for at least five years, which would have included pedestrian improvements at Fletcher's and Arizona Avenue. But last fall the entire project was abruptly cancelled.

I've been thinking about this over the weekend and while I will probably be pushing for a bridge from the Trolley trail to Fletcher's, I was asking myself in the car this morning:
Why not get rid of the parking there completely. Its a huge parking lot....the 2nd biggest on the canal after Great Falls.
Access is poor by car. And except for holidays, its largely empty.
Why not just remove auto access completely?

They need parking for the customers for the boat house. Probably not as much as they have now though.

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