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I'll show up in any kind of weather for a free bagel, but if they are trying to encourage newbies to give it a try, I think they should change the day from Friday and also reschedule in the case of rain. My office is a ghost-town on Friday.

I always find it weird when politicos or others of importance need to stop biking when they get fancy jobs. I recall that Jerome Powell used to use the CCCT to get to and from his job at the Fed, but has now been asked to stop for "safety" reasons.

I guess that while driving is more dangerous than cycling, it becomes less so when the secret service is taking you in a motorcade.

I think Steven Chu biked to work while he was secretary of energy?

Yes. in 2009. I made him take a photo with me. A Nobel Prize winner and a potential future winner I told him.

On the other hand I remember a story about an Obama white house official who was asked/required to stop biking to work from Takoma Park.

Re: Friday
I think the reason for this day is because
(1) Many offices, including mine, have a relaxed dress code.

(2) Lighter traffic.

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