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Found it odd that nobody chimed in despite it being such a major project. This will be big as some of the parcels along the south side of A/N Drive are redeveloped in the coming years (Metropolitan/Amazon Place) or recently-completed (next to the Doubletree).

Ideally the goal should be to:
1) allow for stree-free biking within Pentagon/Amazon City from Potomac Yard all the way up to A/N Drive (and all areas within)

2) allow for multiple points of entry/exit:
2a) The Long Bridge axis is dependent on factors outside of the scope of this project
2b) The Hoffman-Boston connector is also not covered by this
2c) I'd like to see the feasibility of a second trans-railroad crossing in conjunction with the new Crystal City VRE Station. Maybe it would be a bridge, based on the whiz-bang project proposals.

Right now there are really only two access points from the North/South "bike highway", the MVT, one at Four Mile Run and one at CC Water Park. That's not good enough!

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