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I'm delighted for the expansion in Prince George's. But why in the world aren't there plans for stations at all the metro stops?! (Hello? Prince George's Plaza metro station?)

And I have yet to see an CaBi ebike at any of the PG County stations. Are these only for DC and VA?

From what I have heard, they do plan to install stations at the metro stops, but the holdup is WMATA. Also, I know there was an ebike at the jefferson/route 1 station for a long time, but aren't all of ebikes out of service right now due to the braking issues?

Adding all these stations are great, but I sure would like one at the Pentagon - one of the largest transit hubs in the region. I realize that the problem is probably PFPA, but I have ridden my bike to and from the Pentagon and taken transit countless times, so adding a bike share station should not be a problem. At the least, a station in Pentagon City near the tunnel under 395, or at Fern Street and Army Navy Drive would be an improvement.

I can't wait for more Prince George's stations. I wish they would hurry!

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